WATCH: Brekky Boy – ‘Húsavík’

Taylor Davis, the pianist and composer for Bondi jazz trio Brekky Boy, has written an ode to the Icelandic town of Húsavík. Watery and full of reverie, Davis implores the full skill of his craftsmanship to tell the story of the sacred sentimentality of travel.

Brekky Boy

Dripping in delicacy, Húsavík sounds like the morning. Building on arpeggiated piano, melismatic and moving chords run through you like romance itself. The vocal-free piece lets the fluidity of the conversing keys do all the talking.

Ahead of a forthcoming record, the Brekky Boy pianist performed Húsavík as part of the Monochromatic Series for Phoenix Central Park. In the clip, it’s with complete transparency that Davis showcases both his charisma on stage and his athleticism across the ebony and ivory.


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“I think it’s nostalgia,” the artist explains. “I kind of wrote it about when I went to Iceland… we just saw some beautiful, out-of-this-world places, like it was insane and I kind of wrote this reflecting on that beautiful part of my life.”

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Enjoy the musical reverie that is Húsavík below: