Hyper-violent Keanu Reeves comic ‘BRZRKR’ is coming to Netflix

The internet’s favourite celebrity Keanu Reeves is bringing his hyper-violent comic BRZRKR to Netflix as a live-action film and anime series.

Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR has been picked up by Netflix, where the streaming service plans on adapting the title into a short animated series as well as a live-action film. Reeves will be featuring as the main character in both adaptations.

This is a welcome sign of good things to come after his recent appearance in Cyberpunk 2077 was a glitchy flop, to say the least.

Keanu Reeves BRZRKR

BRZRKR was published by Boom Studios, who back in April of 2020 signed a first-look deal with Netflix. This effectively gave the streaming platform a massive catalogue of franchises to adapt for their services.

BRZRKR tells the story of an immortal, 80,000-year-old warrior who has battled his way into the 21st century. The story picks up after the main character decides to work with the US government in exchange for learning more about himself and how to finally end his life.

The story has been co-written by Reeves as well as Matt Kindt, and is currently up to 12 issues. Illustrations are being helmed by Ron Garney – who has worked on projects such as Daredevil and Wolverine – his harsh style lending a definite edge to the violent storyline of the comics.

BRZRKR has already seen massive success. The series was able to raise US$2 million in crowdfunding and has already sold 615,000 copies. Fans of the series have given it a respectable 8.5/10 on Comic Book Round-Up.

Unfortunately, we aren’t sure when we’ll be able to watch hunky Keanu slay his way through time, but you can read it here. More Keanu Reeves, please.