Scatter Light shines a torch on the darkest corners of the mind in debut single

Scatter Light release their debut single Leave Some Room Inside Your Mind, marking their rightful place on the Aussie rock spectrum.

Power trio Scatter Light pull the rug from the feet of rock n’ roll with their debut single Leave Some Room Inside Your Mind.

Whilst the track bleeds of rock nostalgia, it also shines speckles of modern psychedelia, the blending of genres is just downright impressive.

Scatter Light

The trio united their forces on the brink of lockdown last year, unlocking their potential to push the boundaries of sound. The track was written by guitarist and singer Ollie Williams, after drummer James Schubert and bassist Jesse Dransfield rocked up 20 minutes late to rehearsal.

“It was such a quick process, the lyrics and the music just evolved… by the end of that rehearsal, we had the makings of our first single,” Williams recalls.

20-minutes was all it took for Leave Some Room Inside Your Mind to spur itself, the track oozing effortlessly in its riffs and drum beats of a once endangered genre.

The psychedelic harmonies, similar to the likings of MGMT and electrically explosive Black Sabbath-like guitar solos, seems to blend with utter ease. Scatter Light have completely solidified their rightful place in the Australian music renaissance.

The track, built in the confines of the trio’s Northern Beaches home studio and refined by mix engineer Yossif Kay, is the first part of an upcoming six track EP.

Not only does the single open the door into the dark and shadowy world of rock, but it shakes the listener to comprehend the infinite oblivion of the universe as they sing; “Something big is beyond what we call the sky.” 

It is the very title of the track that unlocks the band’s coping mechanism to “comprehend this phenomena.” 


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By dwelling on the unknown, Scatter light blasts a torch on the darkest and most forgotten corners of the mind, pushing the boundaries through the lyrics; “what you see everyday is just a mere disguise.” 

It is inevitable that the future of Scatter Light will be full of groundbreaking music and guitar riffs that vibrate the speakers of their sold-out shows.


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The direction and trajectory of their sound will undoubtedly bring us closer to making space inside our mind and the very galaxy in which we as human beings fear.

Check out Shatter Light’s debut single below: