Woody Harrelson is making history with the world's first "live movie".
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Watch chaos unravel in Woody Harrelson’s new single-take, live-streamed film that is making history

You know you’re living in the future when the world’s first live movie is coming to cinemas. History will be made, and who better to be the maker than Woody Harrelson?

Lost in London Live will be a two-hour long comedy inspired by one crazy night had by Harrelson, where he actually ended up in a London Jail.


A single take film starring Woody Harrelson, shot in 14 different locations across London will be broadcasted to theatres at the same time it’s being shot.

Run-ins with royalty, old friends and the law all seem to conspire to keep Harrelson from succeeding,” the film’s website teases.

The flick will mark the actor’s debut to the writing and directing world, as he stars alongside Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson.

In the movie’s video announcement, the actor claims “no one has ever been [this] stupid”, giving us the impression that his newest film will be light-hearted. But who knows, the True Detective star does have a knack for rearing to the darker sides of things.

Lost In London will stream on January 19th in the USA. The live streaming concept, though thrilling, has got us Aussies a little confused as to how we can jump on board.

It might mean a 3AM movie session is the way to go, but we’ll keep you updated.