Watch Dave Grohl call himself a “fucking nerd” and listen to a ragged 25-year-old demo

Barrett Jones has been a faithful roommate to Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, as well as his longtime producer. And just like any good friend, Jones has dug up some dirt from the depths of Grohl’s musical archives. 

Image Credit: Ed Miles – NME

See, even Dave Grohl gets embarrassed about demos from his teenage days. You can finally listen to the ancient Rent (Jerky Boys) right now. 

Earlier in 2017 we heard the release of God Looks Down in an outtake from the Foo Fighters 2015 HBO series, Sonic Highways. The 1990 song was the first one recorded by Grohl, who jokes of having a much higher pitched voice 25 years ago.

And after 25 years yet another song by Grohl has come to light, titled Rent (Jerky Boys) who claims the song was recorded in West Seattle in 1992 when him and Jones were living together. 

Watch below to hear Grohl call himself a “fucking nerd” as he listens to Rent (Jerky Boys) and original recording of Foo Fighters track, Floaty.

Via Consequence of Sound.