Watch a spine-tingling Fleet Foxes performance with Björk’s Icelandic women’s choir

I’ve only had the pleasure of seeing Fleet Foxes once when they played the Opera House, but the experience was enough to satisfy the cravings for years to come.

They’re a ridiculously good band to catch live, only finding new heights as their production value increases. String ensembles, scaled-down orchestras and a diverse range of traditional instruments have all played a part in their shows to date, to great effect.

Today Consequence of Sound have shared a spine-tingling performance of Crack-Up, recorded with all-female Icelandic choir Graduale Nobili, known to have toured with Björk.

fleet foxes

Is this the best live video from Fleet Foxes yet? Watch in awe as they perform Crack-Up with the help of Graduale Nobili, an Icelandic girls choir.

The clip was directed by Eilífur Örn Þrastarson and produced by Lior Phillips, with creative direction by Kevin McMahon. Beatriz Artola, longstanding friend of Fleet Foxes, mixed the audio.

Watch the performance below.

Via Consequence of Sound.