Watch Henry Rollins tear a Dr. Seuss classic to shreds

Rock n’ roll legend, and former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins isn’t a fan of the Dr. Seuss children’s book Oh, The Places You’ll Go. Watch him tear the story, and its outdated message, to shreds in a segment for Funny or Die.

Henry Rollins

Sitting down with the Seuss classic, Rollins gives his thoughts on how Seuss’ tale is one of sexism, white male entitlement, failing gun laws, crappy friends and drug use, shutting down Suess’ happy-go-lucky, unrealistic view of the world.

Picking at the core of Oh, The Places You’ll Go, Rollins talks about the books portrayal of animal slavery. Staying true to the Rollins style, at one point in his hilarious, and extremely brash 15-minute reading, Rollins gets impatient, straight out dropping the F bomb on the book.

At the end of the video, Rollin’s is unapologetic, but he’s quick to give one last reason why, and it sure is a sweet one:

“I just think we need to be far more charitable to those around us, and remember that we share the world with lots of other people coming in through a whole lot of doors, and it’s not always about winning. I’ve learnt far more lessons from losing, than I ever have from winning… it’s made me really, really funny, good looking, witty, and mostly humble.” 

Touche Henry, Touche.