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Watch the first trailer for Liam Gallagher’s new documentary

Liam Gallagher continues his crusade to be the most outspoken ‘lad’ in rock. The first trailer from his upcoming film Liam Gallagher – As It Was shows the former Oasis frontman gearing up to play a solo show in Manchester, as well as an empowering monologue.

The former Oasis rockstar has beaten down haters once again in his new film Liam Gallagher – As It Was. 

‘I know how fucking great I am, and I know how shit I am.’

With plenty of slo-mo footage and an inspiring monologue of inspirational quotes Liam Gallagher has stared down the barrel of the gun and said, ‘fuck that man’.

Liam Gallagher released his solo album As You Were in 2017. Fans will see the rockstar drop his second solo effort later this year alongside the film.

“It’s part of fucking staying alive man; being here, not being a casualty. Not letting the bastards get you down when all the bastards who have been sitting there over the last 10 years, ‘Ah, he’s definitely going to be dead now, he’s going to blow his fucking brains out or have a drug overdose.’ They’ve got all those press headlines waiting, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen lads. I’m gonna stick it out.”


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April 5, 2019