Wrap your ears around The Black Heart Death Cult’s reverb-soaked new LP

The Black Heart Death Cult’s self-titled debut LP lays down a seriously Brian Jonestown Massacre sound, and that’s without the cult homage. These zealots, with a religion built on psychedelic rock, have created a woozy anthology that trips through multiple eras of the genre.

The record sits right in the middle of gloomy, verb-soaked rock and the melodic sensibilities of 60s psych – shifting seamlessly between the two on either side of the LP. The A side plays host to space rocked fuzz and droney sitar sling, while the B side features more fret, with heavier, more spaced out instrumentals.

The Black Heart Death Cult is a showcase of the band’s deft songwriting and musicianship. In all the droney psych mantras and sonic opiates, the record is a carefully coordinated exploration of space.

In the past three years, The Black Heart Death Cult have earned a coveted reputation with their mind-bending live shows. It’s seen them share the stage with the likes of Isaiah Mitchell from Earthless, New Candys, Flavor Crystals, Mt. Mountain, Dreamtime, Buried Feather, Seedy Jeezus, and Child and the Flying Colours.

The Black Heart Death Cult are playing a bunch of shows in Australian cities in coming weeks; we’ve put the dates below. Until then, wrap your ears around the new LP here:


Thursday, April 25 – LazyBones, Marrickville
Friday, April 26 – The Lansdowne, Sydney
Friday, May 10 – Old Bar, Fitzroy
Saturday, May 18 – The Railyard, Tecoma
Saturday, May 25th – Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide

More info here.