Watch The Rubens return to Camden for a huge hometown show

Just a day removed from the release of their new album Lo La Ru, The Rubens returned to their hometown of Camden for an epic night of great new music.

Selling out in around an hour, the performance was their first gig in the south-west Sydney town, and the adoring home crowd were obviously stoked to have the band make their long awaited Camden Civic Centre debut.

Last week The Rubens returned to their hometown of Camden to celebrate the release of their new album LO LA RU. We were backstage to capture the whole thing.

It’s beautiful. There’s memories here. It’s an iconic venue,” the band say of the Civic Centre. “This is the ultimate celebration. We’ve never done anything like this before.”

Full of family, friends, and a whole lot of fans, the audience exuded a tangible excitement. There was an energy in that room.

Experience it all for yourself in the video below: