WaveLab Cast is a DAW that’s tailor-made for podcasting

Steinberg has launched WaveLab Cast. With a slick, user-friendly interface, it offers up a simple and affordable way to produce podcasts.

Optimised for quick editing and mixing, WaveLab Cast is a software that aims to give beginners all the tools required to make professional audio projects, like podcasts or social media content.

The original WaveLab editing software was considered a complete mastering solution for engineers. Now, with the sophistication of their original premium software, WaveLab Cast greatly simplifies a host of professional audio editing tools.

WaveLab Cast podcasting software

Steinberg says, “If you record, edit and publish podcasts if you create video content for the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or other social media – then WaveLab Cast is the perfect choice for creating perfect audio.”

Including an easy to use interface, users can cut out unwanted noise, seamlessly blend interview parts together and automatically create crossfades for smooth and sophisticated transitions.

To add another element of professionalism, the software boasts a new ducking feature that lowers the background music when speech is identified on the voice track.

Dynamics can also be controlled with the Compressor and more colour and clarity can be achieved with EQ and Voice Exciter. If you’re working on a video, editing tools such as lip-sync accuracy are available to achieve perfect alignment to picture.

For more, visit Steinberg.