Vertical drinking is now allowed in NSW pubs and bars

Good news for you and your posture, people can once again stand while drinking in NSW bars and pubs.

As of yesterday (just in time for St. Patrick’s Day), the latest easing of Covid-19 restrictions means that we can once again enjoy “vertical drinking.” That is, standing with your drink.

Our feet are going to hurt and it’s going to feel so good.

John Barilaro

This is what life is all about,” Dominic Perrottet, the New South Wales treasurer, said as he held a Guinness on Wednesday. Note the matching green ties for St. Paddy’s Day. “Today is a great day because it shows we are returning back to normal,” he continued.

The news is going to take a little while to get used to, with pub-goers like Bec Corbett saying that, “It totally changes the vibe of being out,“I’m still half expecting a security guard to come and tell me to sit down. I was at a wedding recently, and having to sit was a total mood killer. This makes such a big difference.”

Of course, there is one little issue – dancing. How much can one move until it is considered boogieing?  Two work colleagues having a beer at the Trinity Hotel in Surry Hills pondered as much.

“It’s a very fine line between standing and dancing,” Joe McCabe said amongst the drinking St Paddy’s Day crowd. “Does moving my shoulders count as dancing?” his colleague Andrew Mann asked. What a time to be alive?

Other patrons took to their feet, just because they could. “We’re going to drink these standing up, just for the sake of it,” carpenter Andy Kypridakis said. Hell yeah!

Evidently, the news was slow to spread. “Everyone’s still sitting down, I don’t think anyone else realises yet,” Matt Carroll said. Why not go down to your local tonight and confuse the rest of the crowd by standing proudly and enjoying a right that prior to 2020 we would have taken for granted. Cue Elton John’s I’m Still Standing.