Single Premiere: Wax Witches – Serotonin Syndrome

Well, it’s not a single as such, just “another song off the upcoming record” from Alex Wall’s lo-fi laptop punk solo project Wax Witches. You might remember that Alex Wall is from Queensland’s Bleeding Knees Club whose single became my guilty jjjcore pleasure a few summers ago.

After releasing Celebrity Beatings last year alongside two hugely successful EP’s through Burger Records in the States, Wax Witches is returning for a new release on the 4th of July titled Centre Of Your Universe.

wax witches

Serotonin Syndrome, the second taste from the new album, sees Wall get a little less lo-fi, the track sounding overall a little less compressed and more sonically dynamic – also exploring something a little different in genre too.

Refreshingly, this one sounds less like it’s riffing off the chord progressions of King of the Beach and vibes more in tune with the redlining, gazy pop sounds of stuff like Yuck or DIIV, but I can’t help shake the feeling that Serotonin Syndrome is just Brian Jonestown’s Evergreen in a younger, denim jacketed reincarnation. But hey, Anton Newcombe is so prolific, it’s gotten to a point where it’s almost impossible not to write something that sounds like one of their songs.

As for the title, here’s what Alex has to say:

“Serotonin syndrome is a reaction you can get from combining therapeutic drugs, that leads to excess serotonergic activity. I have crazy anxiety problems and take this hectic medicine. And I don’t smoke weed, but once I was outside of a restaurant where my friends were smoking a joint. I guess I inhaled some smoke because I had a crazy reaction and couldn’t move or see, and thought I was dying. I don’t know if it was serotonin syndrome, but it was gnarly.”

And that gnarl is reflected pretty much 1:1 in the track. Give it a spin below, and stay tuned to Inertia on the 4th of July for the full album!