Ever seen a band perform in the middle of a marijuana plantation? Neither had we, until Waxhead came along.

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You’ve heard of musos performing at the greenroom, and you’ve watched surfers getting barreled in the greenroom, but I doubt you’ve seen anything like the latest instalment of Surfstitch’s Live From The Greenroom.

Here’s a combination of two reputable surf brands; a four-piece crew of homegrown indie rockers named Waxhead and the beautiful hemp fields of Byron Bay, which come together wonderfully to form one of the most interesting and entertaining musical clips of the year.

So without further ado – performing Live From The Greenroom (in the greenest form you’ll ever see it in), it’s the rockin’ surfers jam – Opinion by the Byron Bay barrel-enthusiasts, Waxhead. Enjoy!


The boys from Waxhead are true to their name: Byron-born Aussies with a penchant for rock n’ roll, longboards and the odd touch of psychedelia.

Graced to us by the efforts of respected surf retailers Surfstitch and Byron-born international trendsetters Afends, the Waxhead lads have been positioned at a location that seems more home than ever.

The performance takes place in Byron Bay’s very own hemp fields. Yes, you read that right – they’re performing amidst a farmsized crop of marijuana plants. Is that why the boys seem a little more relaxed than usual? I guess we’ll never know…

The video is very well done, alternating between full shots, close-ups and incredible drone footage, depicting the location as the middle of nowhere (even though it’s anything but for the Byron lads). At some points we’re given a birds eye view of the performance, which aesthetically pleases, yet remains an unsatisfying reality unless the viewer were skydiving directly downward to join the party.

They’ve stated in their triple J Unearthed biography that their “music echo’s a past that they grew up in”, which isn’t particularly hard to see visually, as the usually out-of-place combo of electric instruments teamed with natural landscapes seems nothing but customary for the surfie stars.

Musically, the boys effortlessly tap a sound reminiscent of the 50s and 60s, with but a touch of the late Kurt Cobain and a sprinkle of early Red Hot Chili Peppers. The track performed in the clip, Opinions, is one half full-blown surf anthem, one half instrumental slow jam, each as musically delicious as it’s counterpart.

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If you’re a fan of their vibe, you’re in luck, as their Cruise Control EP was unleashed on the free world earlier this year featuring Opinions and an additional three tracks. On top of that, their debut collection, Home, as well as many of their other surf-rock releases are available for our listening pleasure via the band’s SoundCloud.

If only there were an opportunity for these talented lads to perform amongst some like-minded musicians, and reach a wider audience, all while sticking close to their beloved hometown, (we’re looking at you, Splendour In The Grass!)

Urban Dictionary states a waxhead as “a person who engages in the surfing culture.” The boys themselves have a slightly different definition; “long-haired surfer-musician tribesmen impregnating people’s souls with their cosmic vibes”.

By both visions, it’s safe to say we have some true waxers on our hands.