We can't stop talking about Sydney band Shearin'

Since VB Hard Yards, we can’t stop talking about Sydney band Shearin’

Since the recent announcement of the winners for the VB Hard Yards competition, we have been totally wrapped by all the bands who battled it out onstage with Cosmic Psychos.

While Shearin’ might not have made it to the number one spot, they’re a band worth taking the time to check out.

shearin' vb hard yards
Photo: Naomi Lee Beveridge

Bevvies aside, VB Hard Yards gave us three bands to completely fall in love with. In light of the cracking event, Shearin’ have made sure they won’t be forgotten.

After the exhausting and exhilarating mayhem of last year’s VB Hard Yards show at the Lansdowne with Sydney band RACKETT and winners Mini Skirt, Shearin’ walked away with more than just a couple of new fans.

The madness of that show propelled them to new heights of respect in the live garage rock scene and we are more than OK with handing them the reigns when it comes to new music in 2018.

Hard Yards had one mission, to back great live Aussie music and to celebrate VB and the life their brew has bequeathed the music scene. I speak for the people I respect when I say no gig is a good one without a cold green demon, and I’ll be the first to back their brown elixir every time.

We’re massive fans of Budget Cuts, a sleeper hit Shearin’ dropped in early 2017. Reminiscent of The Smith Street Band and a little Japanese Motors, it’s lyrically hilarious yet achingly honest and accessible. It’s punky surf rock with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. Could you ask for more?

Shearin’ is youthful Aussie goodness, and from what we’ve heard so far it must have been a bloody difficult call choosing a winner for VB Hard Yards. Relive it all again by checking them out and keep your ears open for their distinct sound, it cannot be missed.

If you sadly missed their 2017 Lansdowne gig, Shearin’ have got some sick shows coming up. First up is a spot onstage at Rad Bar in Wollongong alongside rockers Grenadiers, SCABZ and Naughty Naughty.