Welcome to the dense jungle of ‘Pentagon Palette’: the latest EP from Jonus Eric

Say goodbye to your surroundings for the next 28-minutes and prepare yourself for Pentagon Palette, the debut EP from Jonus Eric. Rich, intricate, and utterly brilliant, it’s a sonic landscape that Bear Grylls himself would froth over.

Ever wondered what an Amazon Rainforest, house-adjacent concept album would sound like? Ever wanted to reach the end of an EP physically dehydrated from spending 28-minutes in a sonic sauna? Jonus Eric has you covered.

Pentagon Palette takes you on a journey whether you want to or not. Rich, vivid, and overpowering, there’s really no escaping the sheer weight of the Australian producer’s sonic command. He casts notes into an visual clearer than a photograph, allowing audiences to stand completely independent in a world of his creation. It’s a defining reminder of why anyone makes music at all.

jonus eric pentagon palette

Boasting complex tones and even more complex patterns, the depth of Pentagon Palette certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s a release so intricate that you don’t even know where to begin to break it apart.

The EP’s opener, The Cult, is thick and gluey. Insecticide synth naps at your ears, while a distant bird cries resets you in your surroundings. As you trudge through knee-deep sonic sludge, the burn of the sun melts the air into a humid porridge, making breathing a chore. Is it sweat, fuzz, or literal condensation from the air? We don’t know.

Collect ushers in a cooling breeze, letting us finally gasp for air. While we’re not completely out of the jungle, the humidity seems to be our only foe. The air is hearty, lucid, and could lull you into a deep sleep at any moment, just like the track’s sub-tickling bass.


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digital artworks done for a few released and upcoming releases of mine on Growing Bin Records. (Pentagon Palette EP , Emulator , Mirrors)

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The second half of the EP burns with bouncy BPMs and sizzling piano as you emerge from the dense jungle into a lush landscape. Echoing textures set Eric’s production to simmer, allowing the colours to mellow and become richer.

Waterfalls then ushers in the refreshing glass of water we’ve been craving. With tides washing over us, we dive into the pool to find crystal clear surroundings and an aquamarine universe.

In the space of 28-minutes, Eric takes the listener on a journey. It’s dense, it’s visual, but it’s an experience like no other. Approach with caution and snacks.

Have a listen below: