Aria Wood has unleashed an anthem for the ages on her new single ‘Friends’

A socially-conscious anthem soundtracked to irresistible electropop beats? Aria Wood’s latest single is an absolute show-stopper.

Authenticity is something that we struggle with nowadays. In the age of social media, we often tend to prioritise aesthetics over reality, devoting more time to perceptions rather than real connections. On her latest single, Aria Wood explores this uncertainty through neon beats.

At its core, Friends is a deep criticism of society, glazed in sweltering house melodies. Explosive yet refined, reflective yet vibrant, the track picks apart contemporary understandings of relationships and lays their flaws out for audiences to see. It comes as no surprise that they bleed inauthenticity.

aria wood friends

Sonically, Friends is enough to inspire generations of young artists to start producing. Layers of bass and synth perfectly wash over each other, giving the track a sense of constant build and momentum. Each transition brings with it a new texture to the detailed canvas that the Sydney-born artist has created, knowing exactly where to refrain so to not overwhelm the track. It’s house and electropop at its finest.

Conceptually, though, is where the track really shines. Embedded through lyricism and energy, Friends exposes the ingrained superficiality our relationships hold, pleading for authenticity every step of the way.


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31/8/20 🥳

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“I’ve had plenty of relationships in my life involving fake affection,” the artist explains. “‘Friends’ is about a desire to prioritize the physical image of friendship over real connection. I’ve been questioning why we need to seek the approval of strangers in a public space; why we take pictures of our acquaintances and post them online as if they are close friends. I wrote this song to vent about people showing off social lives, as if proving an image to strangers is more important than a real relationship.”

Friends is as much a P.S.A. as it is an anthem. Casting aside our wilful ignorance and exposing society for what it is, Aria Wood has crafted a masterpiece for the ages. With limitless potential and more to come, we’re expecting big things for this London-bound producer.

Check out Friends below: