From rust orange to bubblegum pink, Western Australia is an infinite canvas for photographer Hulia Boz

Hulia Boz is the aerial photographer capturing some pretty out of this world landscapes from the isolated yet remarkable Western Australia.

Having previously shot celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Harry and Prince, Boz has taken a new direction and ditched shooting stars of the red carpet in exchange for capturing technicolour lagoons.

hulia boz
All images: Hulia Boz

Hanging out of a helicopter with a camera, Hulia Boz has been combining fine art and travel photography with Western Australia as her subject. 

With a remarkable colour palette, line and geometry, Boz realised she could finally create a work of art free from image manipulation.

Astrong believer of capturing the real world in all its beauty with a primary focus on Australia, Boz has ditched the life of glamour and welcomed her new life hanging out of a helicopter with (hopefully not) wide open arms.

Boz undertook hours of location and landscape research on Google Earth before embarking on her 22-day journey to WA, regularly staying up until 3am. Beginning in Perth and working her way through to Shark Bay, Boz made her way to Broome and Cape Leveque by Easter. 

You can catch her solo photographic exhibition Postcards From Australia at Special Group Studios in Surry Hills, open now. Event info is here.

Via Perth Now and The Guardian.