Aerial meets abstract in Bernhard Lang’s top-down shots of Greek fish farms

When a helicopter, white sand and a ton of fishing gear get together, the result is totally unique and equally captivating.

Bernhard Lang is the German photographer who captured an interesting array of shots after embarking on a helicopter trip over the Greek coast line.

Bernhard Lang’s abstract shots showed geometrically pleasing, circular fish farms that reveal seemingly odd designs.

Abstract in shape, this interesting instalment captured by Lang is aimed at breeding large volumes of fish in a more efficient and safe manner, instead of harvesting large populations.

One concern (other than the obvious fact the shapes are completely weird) is the impact these farms have on the environment, which still remains unknown.

Greece highly values their aquaculture, mainly due to the fact that it’s a driving force for their economy. Much of their livelihood depends on sea bass, sea bream and olive oil, which are their biggest agricultural exports. But with fish prices falling drastically in the last few years, Greece could also be looking at another fallen industry.

Having completed aerial studies in industry, wildlife, landscapes and various destinations such as the Philippine harbours and Adria’s beach umbrellas in Italy.

You can view more of his works here.

Via This Is Colossal.