David Gilmour shares first new music in 5 years ‘Yes, I Have Ghosts’

For the first time in five years, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour has treated fans to a glistening new track. Written with the help of his wife Polly Samson and daughter Romany Gilmour on harp, Yes, I Have Ghosts cloaks the listener in the poignant reflections that can only echo from a lifetime.

Initially written for the audiobook release of Samson’s novel A Theatre for Dreamers, the velvety acoustic track burns with the same Pink Floyd flavour that fans have come to know and love. It is a warm twilight set amongst the Greek coast, mirroring the clarity that emerges from years of pain.

david gilmour

David Gilmour’s latest song Yes, I Have Ghosts welcomes you to the soft nightfall of nostalgia. Blending Mediterranean acoustics, harp, and the Gilmour family’s earthy vocals, the track sweeps through the stories of famed artists to emerge in a haven of peace.

“I was working on this song just as we went in to lockdown and had to cancel a session with backing singers,” Gilmour explained in a press release. “But, as it turned out, the solution was right here and I couldn’t be happier with the way Romany’s voice blends with mine and her beautiful harp playing has been another revelation.”

Polly Samson’s A Theatre for Dreamers explores the lives of an “expat bohemian community of poets, painters, and musicians” living in Greece in the ’60s. A young Leonard Cohen is even featured amongst the cast.

“Collaborating with David—as I have done many times over the last 30 years, writing songs for both Pink Floyd and his solo albums—we were able to bring together the worlds of literature and music to enhance the listening experience and connect with audiences in a way which I don’t think has been done before,” Samson stated about the release.

The Gilmour family had planned to promote the novel through a “series of shows blending words and music.”

Check out Yes, I Have Ghosts below: