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David Lynch shares his cursed, minute-long horror film ‘The 3Rs’

As we are all very aware by now, David Lynch is a madman who cannot be stopped. This week he’s back at the grindstone, sharing his 2011 masterpiece The 3Rs. 

The minute-long thriller is stacked with the rich symbolism and chaotic energy that you’d expect from any Lynchian production, navigating the haunting question: “How many rocks does Pete have?” 

David lynch
Photo: KURT ISWARIENKO for Variety

The David Lynch Theatre is back at it again, sharing the haunting 2011 short film The 3Rs. Layered with fragmented imagery, monochrome nuance, and a tormenting ambiance, the film is everything you would expect from the acclaimed filmmaker.

Following on from his addictive Weather Report and DIY quarantine series, Lynch has turned his attention towards some of his more niche projects. Although The 3Rs was originally produced as the trailer for the 2011 Vienna Film Festival, Lynch (as always) held nothing back.

An uncomfortably long, macabre intro sets the tone for the remainder of the piece. Enter monochrome shaky cam of some old guy wearing bug-eye glasses, more shaky cam of the same guy holding two rocks, all cloaked with insect atmos, and you’ve got yourself a verifiably cursed film.

While we never actually find out how many rocks Pete has, the overlaid imagery and constant buzzing indicates that he may not be with us anymore. Lynch also throws in a decapitated rubber duck, and Pete hammering a sentient floor just to spice things up a little.

The Twin Peaks director also uploaded his 2015 project Fire (Pozar) to his Youtube channel recently, featuring the musical stylings of Marek Zebrowski.

Check out The 3Rs below: