Western Stars film set to accompany Bruce Springsteen’s latest album

‘The Boss’, Bruce Springsteen has announced a new film to accompany his latest album release, Western Stars. The film will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, which will run from September 5 to 15.

Springsteen shared in an interview on SiriusXM that the film was made in light of the fact that he wouldn’t tour for his latest album. Instead, he has kept busy over the last couple of years with his acclaimed and highly popular Broadway show, which was also released on Netflix.

Photo: Brian Ach

Bruce Springsteen fans are set to receive a double whammy, with a companion visual set to accompany his latest album Western Stars.

The album is a way for his fans to see and hear him perform some of his new material live, even if that isn’t live in concert. The film is directed by Springsteen and long time collaborator Thom Zimny.

If his Netflix documentary Springsteen on Broadway is anything to go by, Western Stars is sure to be a treat for Springsteen fans. It also helps that his latest album release has been met with universal critical and fan acclaim.

Fans are being kept in the dark, with no teaser clips of the companion film released as yet. But even to this day where Springsteen is touching on 70, he is still as energetic as ever on stage and his voice has stood the test of time.