Google search alert! (a) You’ll never find these guys in the usual search bar so don’t even bother and (b) If you embark on a image search with the word ‘wet’ well… let’s just say it’s NSFW.*

With the flaws of our search engines aside they’ve been described as a blend of Haim and Chvrches, arguably two of the most sought after and blogged about up and coming bands of the last two years… not the worst people to be compared to, I would say.

wet bandWhat started as a shared project between the East and West Coast has now found it’s home in Brooklyn. Electronic Joanne Newsom-esque, Wet are a joy for the ears.

Low and be-hold, Brooklyn rookies Wet. Formed in 2012 as a long distance project, between Los Angeles and New York, they have since settled down in Brooklyn. After signing to the Neon Gold Records family alongside siblings MS MR, Chvrches and Haim, Wet then released their self titled debut EP. The four track piece of work has clocked up over 928,000 plays on since it’s release in October 2013. It looks like they’re well and truly on their way to building a steady, dedicated fan base.

The three piece, consisting of Kelly Zutrau on vocals, Marty Sulkow on guitar and Joe Valle on drums have been producing beautifully polished electronic pop cross R&B. Zutrau’s breathy vocals are perfectly complemented by the stripped back instrumentals.

Then, Zutrau’s self professed ‘superficial break up lyrics’ are combined with offbeat arrangements to bring a perfectly catchy and soulful end result. Zutrau has affirmed her folk influences in artists such as Joanna Newsom and Cat Power, adding another dimension to the band’s sound.

In the last six months, Wet have toured with Chvrches and along with what seems like the rest of the music world, recently played at SXSW in Austin, Texas. ‘Its exhausting… and so much fun at the same time’, says drummer Valle on the trio’s recent lifestyle change. Their gorgeous, nostalgic debut video has just been released for their track You’re the Best and their album is set to be released in the UK and Australia on May 28 through National Anthem Records.

They’re a perfect change of pace, and I wish them well in their pursuit to continue bringing people perfect music.

*of course you could just type in Wet Band and that does kind of work.