Teen Commandments

Teen Commandments are an edgy pop band, full of the life and vibrancy usually credited to the infinite synth culture of the 80’s. Imagine lycra, The Cure and the Breakfast Club and you’ll begin to dream up the golden era that Teen Commandments will help you re-visit through their sticky cobweb of sound.

Their music incorporate a wave of echoed riffs and quirky vocal lines to create what I can only describe as near pop masterpieces. Those who want to travel back to a time where vocals were emotive and drum tracks electronic, when synth had the illusion of a kaleidoscope, look no further than Teen Commandments.

teen comandments band

Teen Commandments are pumping sweet electronic pop outta Williamsburg with the very recent release of their new track Secret Life of Voyers.

I’m a sucker for pop music that manages to move beyond the depth of a puddle, and although I’ll admit at being quite cynical towards the mainstream associations with the genre, I appreciate anything with personality and soul. Teen Commandments are crafted from the very constructs of electronic pop, built from the basics of cutting drum beats, walking bass and colourful synth which helped to define the 80s.

I take my hat off to the boys for plastering their catchy landscape of sound all over New York City. Now they just need the hard-earned exposure to paint them as a quintessential pop chart band. Though, I’m convinced that they are content with the praise they have received so far. For daring to take a vivid taxi-ride through New York and into the past, where they have most certainly collected their influences, we praise them.

If today’s contemporary pop doesn’t quite tingle your musical tastebuds, check out Teen Commandment’s single Secret Life of Voyers, which was released May 2. It’ll be sure to bring some retro into your life. And if that excites you more than John Travolta in leather pants, have a glance at their recent EP Dancer for the same feel good 80s vibe.



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