What a day to be alive! Pizza Hut has created the first playable pizza box DJ decks

Forget extra toppings, and stuffed crust, Pizza Hut have decided to give us what we really need, playable pizza box DJ decks. Yep, you read that correctly.

Pizza Hut

Pizza and music are the key to all hearts, and it seems Pizza Hut are all too aware of it because the cheeky buggers have created the very first playable pizza box DJ decks.

Created by printed electronics specialist Novalia, Pizza Hut’s new box features a DJ setup printed in conductive ink, including two decks, pitch control, volume control and crossfader.

The battery-powered box syncs with your computer or phone via Bluetooth and connects to any MIDI compatible DJ software such as Serato DJ. It lets you scratch and rewind tracks, and it’s even got a sync button.

This is practically all one needs to complete their pizza heavy shindigs, but it seems us Aussies will have to wait. The product is only going to be available from five takeaway locations across the UK with the purchase of any collection pizza. The exact release dates will be revealed through Pizza Hut’s Twitter feed.

Let’s pray to the Pizza Hut gods that we’ll soon have this bad boy of an invention in the land down under, to be covered in greasy fingerprints, and dried mozzarella. Oh, what a dream.