What makes John Bonham such a godly drummer? New doco digs into Bonzo’s secrets behind the kit

A new documentary has just emerged that takes a look at the thunderous genius of John Bonham behind the kit. Simply titled, What Makes John Bonham Such a Good Drummer? it looks at his roots in jazz and funk, and the way he pioneered the amalgamation of these influences in a new rock paradigm.

John BonhamWhat makes John Bonham such a godly drummer? Watch this new doco that digs into Bonzo’s secrets for belting it out behind the kit.

The introduction perfectly summarises Bonham’s importance in Led Zeppelin‘s well-oiled machine: “ask anyone in the band where their powerful sound came from and they’d all give you the same answer: drummer John Bonham.”

The video is a perfect breakdown of Bonham’s style, explained in layman’s terms so that any old slob can understand just how deep his prowess ran. Hats off to creator Polyphonic for the video. It’s the perfect homage to one of rock’s greatest stickmen.

Led Zeppelin defined what it meant to be classic rock, with one of the most iconic four-album runs in history. Alongside Black Sabbath and Deep Purple they were hailed as progenitors to heavy rock and set a standard for modern songcraft that is yet to be surpassed.

Common rock lore recalls that Led Zeppelin simply couldn’t continue as a band as Bonham’s death in 1980, and this will definitely help you understand why: