What would The Sun’s Page 3 look like if women made it?

Chloe Sheppard is a London based photographer turning body insecurity into fabulous, glittering nudes. Inspired by her exposure to Page 3 girls growing up, she’s channelling her insecurities into a body of work that sends an important message to women.

Her new zine Lust for Life is the magnum opus of her work so far, a collection of dreamy images which reject the misogyny and body idealism of the last generation.

page 3 chloe

With glitter, jewellery and diamantes aplenty, Chloe Sheppard is rejecting the idealism of Page 3 girls to promote body positivity.

Sheppard’s aim was to create a more realistic and more glamorous assemblage in the style of Page 3, and we think she delivered in spades. Glamour is hardly just about inherent beauty and the perfect body – glitter can and should be involved.

Recently speaking to Dazed, Sheppard had the following to say on the project:

“I had family members who’d buy [The Sun] so if I ever chose to read it it was always there. Whenever I looked at it, all I saw was thin, white young girls with perky tits and flawless skin, and that then becomes the norm when it’s reinforced enough times.”

See the images from Lust for Life below, and get a copy for yourself here.









Via Dazed.