What will Cosmic Gate be dropping in their New Years Eve set? We caught up with the trance juggernauts before their Aussie tour

The perfect mind-meld of two trance heavyweights, Cosmic Gate were set on their path to victory after a chance encounter many years ago. Nic Chagall and DJ Bossi now spend their days playing over 100 gigs each year, although their presence in Australia remains a rare treat.

This New Years Eve, they’ll be joining forces with Andrew Rayel, Ferry Corsten, Grum, Marlo and Orjan Nilsen to bring punters an unrivalled electro experience in the thunderous halls of Hordern Pavilion for Project Zero NYE. Before they touch down, we caught up for a chat.

cosmic gate

For 18 years Cosmic Gate have been lifting audiences to feverish states with celestial beats, preaching electronic enlightenment wherever they tread.

HAPPY: Have you spent New Years’ Eve in Australia before? What are your expectations?

CG: We have indeed, its was maybe 12 years ago, I remember I got  sun stroke from being on the ferry and the beach too long that day, your sun is strong indeed! About this year, what can we say, we expect nothing less than a great party honestly. Superb venue, awesome colleagues to play with, a great line up, we can’t wait!

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HAPPY: How’s the new album looking?

CG: Chapter 1, the first part of our new album Materia is finished, we are getting awesome support and feedback on our first single Fall Into You with Jes, so we are really looking forward to the full release on January 20th and are already working to get Chapter 2 finished, it’s a process!

HAPPY: Are you going to be dropping any of the new tracks in your NYE set?

CG: Oh absolutely, the album is pretty clubby, take our collaborations Dynamic with Ferry Corsten and Spectrum with Ilan Bluestone as an example. Be prepared to hear some new, totally unheard material for all three of our shows in Australia next week.

HAPPY: Any advice for the Aussies heading to the gig?

CG: Dance hard, party hard, and most importantly, don’t miss it!

HAPPY: Can you share a few German DJs Australians should be listening to?

CG: You guys should have an eye on Steve Brian! He’s been doing some great work under his name and also his side project Cabriolet Paris, great producer and DJ and a super nice guy in general, we expect great things of him to come. Watch out for his forthcoming release on our label WYM Records.

HAPPY: Who are your favourite Australian musicians right now?

CG: We like to get away from the club scene here, and have to out ourselves as huge Rüfüs fans! Their album Innerbloom was one of our favourites this year after seeing them live at Coachella festival, very cool stuff from your county!


HAPPY: Could you share with us one of the craziest, weirdest or memorable New Year’s Eve moments you’ve had on the decks?

CG: That was maybe for a big DJ show about 15 years back in Switzerland. The booth was in the middle of this huge stadium hall, it was rotating around itself, and together with all the light and lasers, the spinning vinyl on the turntables (yes, it was back in that time) we started to feel unwell to say the least. Not funny when 20,000 people are watching you, but everything went well, and after the show we felt good again very quick, basically like getting off a ship after being seasick, not sure if thats weird or funny, but a memorable NYE experience for us indeed.

HAPPY: Apart from the massive tour, what do you have coming up for the rest of 2017?

CG: As mentioned before the coming month will see us in the studio and on tour, but hey, thats what we love and do! So watch out for Materia, Chapter 1 is in store on Jan 20, Chapter 2 is in the making and looking good, we hope to be back for a full solo album tour with you guys Down Under in 2017 as well, we’ll spread the word when its time!

Pre-order Materia, Chapter 1 here and get your ticket to Project Zero NYE right here.