Visual songwriting, staying open and the upcoming EP: we sit down with Evee for the latest

The New York based Evee has all the makings of a star-to-be, bringing a wealth of music, operatic and performative experience into her new solo project.

With two singles to her name already in Lone Wolf  and the more recent Incredible, Evee is already ticking all the right boxes. As she prepares to funnel this killer output into what will become her new EP, we caught up for a chat.

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What can we expect from Evee’s coming EP? We sit down with the New York songwriter to discuss what lies ahead.

HAPPY: How are you going? What are you up to at the moment?

EVEE: I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my debut EP and working on a few music videos! Other than that, hanging with my cats and doing a lot of dancing.

HAPPY: Your new track, Incredible, has been out there for a month now. How has the reaction been so far?

EVEE: Incredible has had some incredible reactions (was that corny?) It was also put on several playlists on Spotify and featured on VEVO’s new music playlist but most importantly listeners really connected with the record.

HAPPY: It seems to be a pretty personal track. What led into the writing of this one?

EVEE: The track started with just a few piano chords. I’m a really visual writer, so I let the music set the tone and go from there. The acoustic had an overwhelming isolated feeling to it that really resonated with me. It took me back to a few years ago right around this time of year after a break up – I was walking to a local coffee shop and the wind was blowing the fallen leaves through the streets. The memory became the song.

HAPPY: Do you find that strange at all, putting something so personal out into the world?

EVEE: Actually, I don’t. It feels really great actually. It’s easier to connect with people when you’re open and honest. And I want my music to connect with people, whether it’s helping heal a broken heart or dancing around your bedroom.

HAPPY: Incredible crosses pop, RnB, electronica… a lot of territory. Is there a certain field you find that you identify with most?

EVEE: That is so wild to me! I really can’t believe Incredible crosses that many genres. I honestly can’t say that I identify with a single genre. I pull so much inspiration from indie music to classic rock to musical theatre and all the way back to soul. To me it’s all just music and catching a vibe.

HAPPY: You also perform across a fair few mediums, from opera to acting. How much of this background has fed into your musical career? Or in what way?

EVEE: I feel like every time I was in front of an audience it’s fed into my musical career. Opera really trains your voice and gives you a solid foundation to work with. Acting made me more comfortable on stage. Being able to explore characters and “live” freely in a show made the stage a really comfortable place. The most rewarding of all is that I am learning something new every day on this journey.

HAPPY: You’ve released a two singles now, Lone Wolf being the first. Is there something bigger on the way?

EVEE: I have an EP coming out very soon and I can’t wait!!

HAPPY: You don’t have any shows planned, when can we expect to see an Evee live show?

EVEE: Hopefully very soon. The label has something planned but I’ll just keep it a surprise for now!