Wheels or doors? The answer is obvious

The latest TikTok trend to explode the internet is a ridiculous amount of people arguing over whether there are more doors or wheels in the world.

So yeah… people must be bored.

No matter the initial motivation behind the debate, it’s certainly getting heated and just about everybody thinks they have the answer and that the opposition is stupid and if I’m honest, I feel exactly the same way. Let’s do a deep-dive…are there more or doors or wheels?

@katiemyer11 it’s definitely doors i don’t care what you say #doors #wheel #LinkBudsNeverOff #OREOBdayStack #viral #doorsvswheels #wheelsvsdoors #imright #funny ♬ Radetsky March Classic Classic(829541) – Yuumi Iida

The TikTok videos are amusingly convincing or so at least I found, for one side of the argument. But what does Reddit think?

@itz_fletch There’s more wheels than doors!! #doors #wheels #debate ♬ Pose X Star Wars – “SomeIdiot” on YouTube!

@c.engey Check mate, doors. #wheels #doors #OREOBdayStack #LinkBudsNeverOff ♬ Pose X Star Wars – “SomeIdiot” on YouTube!

In my opinion, there are totally way more doors. Yes, that’s just me but hey, I’ve got a good feeling about it. But where do your opinions sit on the doors vs wheel debate? And why do people care so much about this anyway??

Watch a few TikTok videos arguing both sides of doors wheels and figure it out for yourself, so we can finally get an answer.

@ybndev #stitch with @jacknasset Doors gang is for people who think with their brains #doors #wheels ♬ original sound – Deven Hollimon


Okay… maybe it’s actually wheels. According to, ‘are there more doors or wheels in the world reddit’, “can’t forget the 4 billion hot wheel cars that are produced each year…and bearings.”

Crap, we forgot about hot wheels! Sorry…anyways, check out this ‘are there more doors or wheels’ Reddit thread:

Are there more wheels or doors in the world?
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