When Zoom was down this week, Pornhub traffic spiked

Pornhub reported an insane increase of traffic on Wednesday when Zoom went down for most of a day in the UK and US.

Pornhub has had its fair share of being labelled problematic lately, but even when we vow to boycott it, boredom seems to keep bringing the world back to it.

This Wednesday (August 24), the almighty saviour for online learning, working and socialising, Zoom (it’s even been used for a date with Keanu Reeves) went down across the United Kingdom and the east coast of the United States for sixteen hours.

Zoom, Pornhub

Chaos was expected to ensue, but it seems that it left people either bored, horny, or both, because Pornhub reported a massive increase in traffic. Site traffic in the UK increased as much as 5.6% at 11 am, versus 6.2% on the east coast of the US. These figures don’t seem that big, but both the UK and US make up nearly half of Pornhub’s daily traffic.

We’re not sure why Pornhub was the go-to for people, but perhaps the stress of not being able to work really needed to be relieved.

It’s probably a good thing that Zoom and Pornhub weren’t down at the same time, because some hilarious lines have been drawn between the two, and Twitter is documenting it all:

In the end, for the sake of everyone trying to learn or work, let’s just try to keep Zoom and Pornhub separate from each other.