Keanu Reeves is auctioning off a zoom date? Take my money!

Keanu Reeves is arguably one of the sexiest men out there, up there with Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. John Wick anyone? And now the actor has really got our attention with the announcement that he is auctioning a zoom date for charity.

So sit tight and we’ll give you the low down on how you can be the lucky winner.


Want a chance to gaze into those dark, smouldering eyes? Bidding for an online date with Keanu Reeves is up and running.

So say you had, I don’t know, a spare $25 000 lying around – you could be a frontrunner in this auction. You read that right, currently the highest bid for the zoom date is at about $16,600 USD (approximately $24,100 AUD).

As it turns out Reeves isn’t just a pretty face, the talented actor is assisting in raising money for a charity called Camp Rainbow Gold – an Idaho based organisation who are dedicated to helping children (and their families) who are battling cancer. In exchange for a generous donation to the charity, you will also win a 15 minute zoom date with Reeves early some time in July – at a time that is suitable for both Reeves and the lucky winner.

So if you want to get your charm on with the tall, dark and handsome Keanu Reeves, head to the website here – after all, it’s entirely for a good cause.