Where to watch Sex and the City: And Just Like That in Australia

And just like that… Sex and the City is back!

Fans of the huge TV and movie franchise, Sex and the City, are clamouring at their remotes to get another glimpse into the lives of their favourite TV girlfriends.

The HBO Max original series is picking back up with the life of New York City sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw and her witty and glamorous friends Charlotte and Miranda as they explore the dating scene.

Carrie- Craig Blankenhorn_HBO Max

That’s right, no Samantha. Honestly, it’s near impossible to think of the show without her.

Kim Cattrall played the hilarious and hot publicist, Samantha Jones, on the 90s tv show back in the day and always stole the screen.

When the show addressed her absence, the sweet and naive Charlotte said Samantha is “no longer with us”.

What… They killed her off?

No, don’t stress. Miranda quickly stepped in to say Samantha moved to London for work. A quick and easy fix that surely wouldn’t have taken more than 20 minutes in the writer’s room.

This season is a little different in a lot of ways. Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, and co still face excruciating learning experiences but they’ve been thrown into modern times.

Does this mean we’ll see Carrie on Tinder?

Hopefully! Maybe we can finally learn how to navigate the weird and wonderful world of dating in the 2020s.

Fans and critics of the show are totally split after seeing the new revival series but you’ll just have to see it to make your own mind up.

Where can I watch it in Aus?

The show is available to watch on the streaming service Binge.

The service is only $10 per month BUT it also offers a 2-week free trial, plenty of time to binge the new series.

Get a membership and watch here.