Where to watch South Park: Post COVID in Australia

South Park is back with a Post-COVID special that tackles all things pandemic; from zoom and fatigue to anti-vaxxers.

Everybody’s favourite satirical animated TV series, South Park, is back again with more COVID content.

South Park: Post COVID, was released last Friday on Paramount Plus, and it’s the rant against the pandemic we’ve seen and heard, but South Park style.

South Park: Post Covid via ViacomCBS

Several decades into the future, the boys have grown into middle-aged men, and the effects of the pandemic are still circulating.

Confronted (genuinely this time) with the news of Kenny’s death, due to a new strain of the Coronavirus, the boys reunite in the ruins of their home-town, and the movie-length special goes on a satirical deep dive into all things pandemic, from exploring culture wars to ridiculing anti-vaxxers.

I think many of us are in desperate need of the kind of cathartic release from the plagues of this pandemic only South Park can provide.

So where can I watch it in Aus?

South Park: Post COVID is available on the streaming service Paramount Plus. I know, I know – another service? We’re all sick of having to subscribe to a different one each time something new and bingeable is released, but Paramount Plus might be worth it.

New users can enjoy a 7-day free trial, otherwise, it’s only $8.99 a month to subscribe, making it the cheapest streaming service in Aus, and it gives you access to every South Park episode, plus other shows including Dexter, Daria and even all 40 seasons of the US survivor.