Wide Open Space 2017 is the ultimate way to enjoy nature and music at the same time

Built on the blood, sweat and tears of a local community, Wide Open Space now has a reputation for being one of Australia’s most unique music and arts festivals.

True to their ethos as “innovative and distinct from most other festivals, with a strong desert flavour,” WOS never disappoint with distinctive lineups and artistic performances all within the beautiful plains of Central Australia’s Red Centre.


Since 2009, Wide Open Space have created a reputation for themselves through word of mouth and strategically placed stickers, as one of Australia’s best desert festivals.

The much loved festival always has an impressive lineup of international and local acts. They recently announced Hiatus Kaiyote to perform with local Indigenous desert songstresses Kardajala Kirri-Darra (Sandhill Women) – a wicked combination which they say will be a “visceral dive into ‘multi-dimensional, polyrhythmic gangster shit’.”

Other acts include Chimpo (UK), Mojo Juju (Australia), J:Kenzo (UK) plus a whole lot of genre defying musicians.

Located at the Ross River Resort, 85kms east of Alice Springs, the site is surrounded by the East MacDonell ranges and covered in a sparkling sky at night. Don’t be put off by the fact that it is literally a desert – the site comes fully equipped with showers, flushing toilets, shady areas and a pool.

WOS also has a neat competition to win a return flight from Alice Springs and a festival pass. Enter before March 17 by posting a photo that encompasses what WOS is all about to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #wishyouWOShere.

Don’t forget to buy tickets from their website – 2nd round is out now!

Wide Open Space Festival 2017 is from 28 – 30 April.

Catch the lineup in full below:

Altruism / Auramechanic
Average Rap Band
Bass Bug presents: Roll Deep
Chimpi (UK)
Common UnderGround
Cutlery presents: The Pool Party
Daddy LongLegs
Drazics Girlfriend
Edi Donald & The Transients
Edward Francis
Grim Tilla & the Dead Heart
Hiatus Kaiyote
J:Kenzo (UK)
JPS (The Operatives)
Kardajala Kirri-Darra
King Marong & The Tamala Express
Kodiak Kid
Miss Moneytoast
Mojo Juju
MonkeyMarc with Vida Sunshyne
Plutonic Lab
Red Dirt Crew
Resin Moon
Reuben Stone
Sietta Soundsystem
Skank & Shake
Stellar Sea
Take My Song & Run With It
This Way North
Wonqi Rose