Willie Nelson to host 4/20 variety livestream ‘Come and Toke It’

Just when you thought that this year’s pinnacle religious holiday would be ruined by isolation, patron saint Willie Nelson has come to the rescue with a 4/20 dedicated variety livestream. Come and Toke It is the forthcoming instalment in Nelson’s Luck Reunion livestreams from self-isolation, and is set to run for 4 hours and 20 minutes, from 4:20pm on April 20th.

Those partaking will be encouraged to film themselves lighting up, then passing their “toking material of choice” to the left of the screen to the next person. 

Willie Nelson
Photo: Vince Chandler/The Denver Post

“4 hours and 20 minutes of fun.” Willie Nelson’s 4/20 variety livestream Come and Toke It will feature artists, chefs, comedians, educators and more, to celebrate the unofficial holiday of weed.

Festivities will be broadcast via Luck Reunion’s Twitch, giving fans and bud enthusiasts the chance to smoke with the man himself. “Whether you partake or not, this is your chance to live the dream,” Luck teased in a statement for the event.

“Luck will be asking fans to post a video of themselves passing (whatever toking material of their choice) to the left with the hashtags #ComeandTokeIt #PassLeft. One lucky participant will be randomly selected to talk to Willie himself, live on air, to pass left and wish him an early birthday ‘in person’ during the broadcast.”

Back in February, Nelson announced his plans to release his 70th studio album just before his 87th birthday on April 29th. Now one lucky, stoned punter will not only have the chance to wish him a happy birthday, but to congratulate him on this upcoming milestone. The livestream will be raising funds for the Last Prisoner Project, a charity dedicated to releasing those convicted of cannabis related offences, and will also be broadcast in conjunction with Nelson’s Willie Reserve cannabis line. 

However you plan to spend this revered day indoors, make sure to tune into this once in a lifetime event, “perhaps the world’s only chance to knock smoking with Willie Nelson off their bucket list.”

Check out Nelson’s promo video for the event below: