Studio Ghibli are giving away a magical collection of free Zoom backgrounds

Studio Ghibli have just made your next Zoom party, tutorial, or office meeting even better by giving away a collection of free backgrounds straight from their famously gorgeous movies.

So instead of forcing your friends and colleagues to stare at your boring bedroom wall, you can now transport yourself into the enchanted wilds of Princess Mononoke and the Forest Spirit, into the deep sea with Ponyo, or into the streets outside Yubaba’s bathhouse in Spirited Away.

Turn yourself into a Zoom legend with these whimsical free backgrounds straight out of Studio Ghibli films.

This magical visual scenery is sure to raise you to icon status in whatever meeting you’re Zooming for. In an announcement on their site, the Japanese film studio announced that more backgrounds are on the way and for fans keep an eye out. All the released backgrounds are 100 percent free, but can only be used for fun on your favourite video chat platform.

There’s so much that could be done with these backgrounds. Use the images as an escape from your bedroom, crank up a Ghibli soundtrack and imagine yourself in Sophie’s hat shop or lounging under the cherry blossoms in The Tale of Princess Kaguya. Turn the backgrounds into a fun and fresh drinking game by getting your zoom pals to guess which movie each image is from. Memorise the script and act out the entire movie, the possibilities are endless!

For a studio notorious for its anti-virtual stance, Ghibli have wholeheartedly embraced a number of isolation initiatives. Throughout 2020, the studio have released 21 of their famous titles on Netflix and uploaded 693 of their soundtracks onto Spotify. A four-part documentary on founder and mastermind Hayao Miyazaki has recently been made free-to-watch on the NHK website as well.

You can find these gorgeous backgrounds here.