Complete this 2-minute survey for your chance to win a Polaroid Go

Complete this 2-minute survey for your chance to win a Polaroid Go Instant Camera 

Do you finally want to get around to living your dreams? Have you been working for the money and not the love? Have you put off learning a new skill in the arts or creative industries? Well boy oh, do we have the solution for you.

If you have been thinking about adding to your professional life, jump-start the process and complete this quick educational survey, and you’ll go into the running to win a Polaroid Go Instant Camera with film included.

As Winter is wrapping up and the early stirrings of Spring reawaken your curiosity and your passion, the opportunity to apply yourself to a new creative field is opening up at some of the country’s top creative educational facilities. Because education is back baby …. and we want to get to know you a little better and find out what’s important to our audience.

free polaroid camera
Credit: Cameralabs

Answer a few simple questions and you could win this fantastic prize, valued at $199.95. The Polaroid Go Instant Camera is a portable and wearable polaroid camera.

The polaroid’s new sleek design features double the exposure at half the size, has a self-timer, and is selfie-ready with a reflective selfie mirror.

Complete this quick survey for your chance to win.