Winn Rose shares playlist of emotional bangers and “no misses”

Winn Rose curates her ultimate playlist of emotional bangers and “no misses”

Melbourne singer-songwriter Winn Rose sounds off on a few of the tracks that inspired her first single in five years, deep dive.  

Earlier this month, Winn Rose shared her sophomore single deep dive; a piano-led ballad that saw the Melbourne singer explore the trepidation that comes with falling in love. The track marked Rose’s first single release since 2018, and served as a welcome reintroduction — complete with a raw vocal delivery, candid lyricism and a climatic electric guitar sequence towards the song’s latter half. 

With such a long period between releases, Rose evidently had time to listen to her favourite tunes, undoubtedly incorporating the sounds of her peers for what will be a forthcoming project due out soon. In the meantime, we caught up with Winn Rose for a run through of her go-to playlist of emotional bangers, thoughtful lyricism, and the one project she considers to have “absolutely no misses.”  

Winn Rose deep dive single press
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Take a deep dive into Winn Rose’s curated playlist below, and scroll down to listen to the Melbourne singer’s latest single. 

Ceilings – Lizzy McAlpine

I am a MASSIVE Lizzy McAlpine fan, and I’m always trying to emulate her intimate and beautiful lyricism. This track is so simple and instrumentally minimalistic, and the slow buildup towards the “plot twist” gets me every single time. Not ashamed to admit I’ve cried to this song before.

hate to be lame – Lizzy McAlpine

Speaking of minimalism in production, “hate to be lame” with FINNEAS is another track of hers that does it perfectly. I really love when vocals and lyrics are the focus of the song as I love a good story! Her duet with FINNEAS is just perfect as well.

Awake at Night – LOWES

LOWES’ Evie is such a stunning vocalist, and the writing on Awake at Night sounds like poetry in her voice. I love that it’s pretty similar to deep dive’s theme of yearning for someone that you might end up regretting in the end. It’s one of the songs I’ll listen to on repeat for hours and never get bored of.

I’m a Ruin – MARINA

MARINA has always been a big influence on me as well. “I’m a Ruin” feels so sad to me, where you want something SO BAD but it was never destined to work out, a bit like the story of “deep dive”. Sometimes it hurts having to be the one to walk away.

When Am I Gonna Lose You – Local Natives

Now this is a bangerrrrr. It’s another pretty upbeat, organic based track with a sad theme. The way I interpret this story is that you’re waiting for something to happen so you can push this person away, so this is the “one last time” of the dying relationship. The lyricism in the bridge is so beautiful and in the whole track I can see it so clearly in my head.

21 – Gracie Abrams

I love Gracie Abrams’ lyricism, and her voice is so purely angelic that I feel like I did something wrong every time I listen to her music. When I first wrote deep dive I was introduced to this song around the same time and it felt a little too relatable to what was going on at the time. It’s almost nostalgic to look back on it now. It’s a beautifully simple track.

erase me – Lizzy McAlpine

Lizzy’s album “five seconds flat” had absolutely no misses and this track is another one of them. Jacob Collier (who I’m also a massive fan of) did an incredible job on this track. The feeling of the guitar in the intro and the vocal pad textures in the chorus is just incredible and scratches my brain just right. It took a few listens when I first heard it to fully understand but my god, once you get it you see the world in a whole new way.

Feels Like – Gracie Abrams

The little sigh in the beginning is actual perfection. I can see myself through her eyes in this track, feeling everything she feels. I can perfectly picture who I met at the right time while listening to this track. Her backing vocals and the sudden build up in the choruses, releasing into the bridge is just gorgeous. The quiet ending? I’m obsessed.

the lifeboat’s empty! – Chelsea Cutler

My older sister introduced me to this song in 2022 and now it’s become one of my favourites, and one of my favourites to perform with my band. Chelsea’s use of metaphor in the chorus especially is so pretty, and while I never thought to compare a dying relationship to the Titanic sinking, it’s so true?? The theme of realising your worth and taking back your own power is amazing and the instrumentation matches it perfectly.

Company – Tulliah

Tulliah is a Melbournian artist as well! Fun fact, we both attended the same music school in the south east. Her voice is so pretty and she’s an incredible writer as well. “Company” was her debut release and honestly it’s a pretty good start. I love the simple honesty in the lyrics, especially the second verse. It’s got a little swing vibe to it, and it’s one of my favourites to busk with.