Wolf Cola nail the garage-surf vibes

Wolf Cola is a refreshing taste of garage rock to quench your thirst this summer

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Any good road trip demands a suitable soundtrack to keep the good vibes going. Let’s face it, sitting in a car for hours can become a bit tiresome. What you need is something with plenty of bite to get the adrenaline pumping and a catchy melody to exercise those vocal chords. If you’re stumped for an act who fits the bill, then Sydney band Wolf Cola is a good place to start.

Wolf Cola chimes

Need a good soundtrack when you’re cruising down the highway? Sydney boys Wolf Cola are at your service, their blend of garage and surf is on point.

Starting as a two-piece band in 2014, Wolf Cola is now a fully-fledged four man group, with members Tom Masters on guitar and vocals, Callum Butler on drums, Curtis Judge on guitar and Sean Alves on bass. The guys frequently attended gigs and supported Sydney’s local talent, which encouraged them to make music of their own.

The band’s sound sits comfortably amongst a concoction of garage, rock, pop and surf. “Originally we used a looping pedal to play rhythm guitar and I would play leads and sing over it so it necessitated repetitive songs without too many changes, but over time the sound has been stripped back to make the songs as simple as possible”, vocalist Tom Masters explains.

We like garage rock, but don’t try too hard to make a specific genre of music”, he said. “With our music, we hope that people can enjoy listening to it. We try to make our songs catchy and memorable. I think we hope that people feel the nostalgia of our music without it being too dominated by that.”

In 2014 they released their debut album Wolf Cola and in December 2015 released their new single ChimesChimes has a mellow guitar intro, which leads into the song, while the tempo throughout varies between the slow verses and speedy choruses. Unlike generic rock, the music is relaxing but catchy as a result of the change in pace. It’s perfect for a road trip or a day at the beach.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, Rude Headache portrays more of that garage genre the band is going for. Rather than the lax intro and mellow music, it’s straight into guitar and is faster in pace. Masters said, “our songs tend to vary quite a bit over a set”, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The boys currently have three more songs recorded alongside their new single, which they are looking to put out with an album before the end of 2016. They also endeavour to play more venues now that they have a full line-up of songs.

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