PREMIERE: The highway to hell and back with Go Van Go

Rollicking rock n’ roll that’s ready to explode – that’s what you can expect from Brisbane two-piece Go Van Go. Putting the pedal to the metal, their latest single I’m Lost, But Well Travelled speeds down the highway at a million miles an hour on a tankful of short-fused rock n’ roll.

Go Van Go premiere

Brisbane two-piece Go Van Go are an unstoppable rock machine on I’m Lost, But Well Travelled. Gentlemen, we salute you.

Blaring out their furious brand of 90s grunge and 70s rock, Troy Henderson (guitar, vocals) and Dan Sugars (drums, vocals) have been all systems go since 2013. Cruising the east coast with their debut EP Taking Hostages, they racked up a hefty amount of airtime and shows. Supporting the likes of The Owls, The Vernons, Davey Lane and WAAX, these lads are showing no signs of hitting the brakes.

Now, revving their engine for the release of their sophomore EP Kill City: Switchblade later this month, Go Van Go are ready to gun it at the start line. While their explosive lead single Known Better is a road trip of unhinged noise, their latest single is going to be your expressway to rock n’ roll.

I’m Lost, But Well Travelled kicks into gear with a gritty guitar line before the raucous drums skid in at full throttle. Add Henderson’s crazed vocals to the violent mess and it’s all rough roads ahead. Taking no prisoners, when the chorus swerves to the curb this rocking tune is hell-bent on crushing all in its path.

But, once we tear through a tunnel of backseat guitar thrashing, the real road rage begins. Henderson hits the accelerator on the unruly vocals and bursts out, “Cos I’m old, I’m shattered, I am lost, but well travelled,” and all hell breaks loose. Losing control and slamming into a wall of combustible guitar riffs, we crash into the outro with our wheels still spinning at a hundred miles an hour. It’s very White Stripes, but I for one am not complaining; these Brissy lads’ energised brand of garage rock could power an electric beast for days.

A dangerously enjoyable tune, I’m Lost, But Well Travelled is one joyride you’ll wanna go on over and over again. Gritty rock n’ roll smothered in grease, it sure is an exhilarating trip when you ride with Go Van Go. With their Kill City: Switchblade EP coming out later this month, the Brissy lads are then hitting the road for their national tour. Keep an ear to the ground for more details soon.