Woolworths is trying to build a Dan Murphy’s superstore in Darwin, right near 3 dry Indigenous communities

#BoycottWoolworths trends again as the corporate giant pushes to develop a massive Dan Murphy’s near 3 dry Aboriginal communities in Darwin.

Back in 2019, the Northern Territory Liquor Commission rejected a bid by the Woolworths-owned Endeavour Drinks Group (EDG) to develop a super-sized Dan Murphy’s liquor store in Darwin. The commission stated that the proposed location was inappropriate due to the risk of increased alcohol-related harm to nearby vulnerable Aboriginal communities, who would be in walking distance of the store.

Now, a government decision to fast-track the application and build the Dan Murphy’s, despite the 2019 ruling, has caused an uproar.

woolworths boycott dan murphy's northern territory indigenous

On Tuesday, Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner revealed the government’s decision to fast-track Woolworths’ application. This would be done by introducing legislation which would not require the Director of Liquor Licensing to consider public interest or community impact requirements – effectively voiding the decision made by the NT Liquor Commission last year.

The announcement has received immense backlash from the public, as well as community organisations, who have appealed to stakeholders in the development to rescind their plans. A Change.org petition, ‘Keep Grog Out Of Our Communities’, is also gaining traction, with over 100,000 signatures at the time of writing.

The hypocrisy of the decision by Woolworths to push their application during NAIDOC week, despite Aboriginal community resistance, has been voiced by John Paterson, CEO of the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT).

“It’s unbelievable that during NAIDOC Week, the NT Government is introducing legislation to weaken the very structures that it established to review liquor licences and keep communities safe,” Paterson described.

While Woolworths makes its profits, and the Government turns a blind eye, the health and wellbeing of Darwin’s people will suffer.”

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