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Microsoft: “please do not blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X”

2020 has thrown us a curveball yet again, with Microsoft forced to inform people to not blow vape smoke into their Xbox Series X.

A series of viral videos depicting smoke coming out of the Xbox Series X have forced Microsoft to respond to concerns surrounding the console’s health and safety. Multiple videos featured smoke billowing out of the top of Microsoft’s latest console.

Twitter user XboxStudio then posted a video debunking claims that the Xbox Series X was malfunctioning by replicating the effect with a vape. By turning off the console and then using the last whirs of the fan to blow vape juice, the console will then hit a fat rip.

xbox series x
Image: Microsoft

Though Microsoft poured what would likely be millions of dollars into R&D, there is almost no way that the American technology company would’ve accounted for this development. While it’s not a good idea to get water vapour into any electronics, vape juice is probably close to the last substance Microsoft considered impacting its latest console.

Seeing as vapes are likely to become prescription-only in Australia, there’s also the question whether Xbox Series X consoles are able to get a prescription, or if humans will have to illegally supply that sweet grape-flavoured juice to them.

While nicotine addiction is likely towards the bottom of the list of Xbox Series X issues, the impressionability of social media users has forced Microsoft’s hand. In a tweet from the official Xbox account, the Redmond, Washington-based company expressed as much bewilderment as we are feeling right now.

Besides this smoking effect, users have also faked the Xbox Series X’s fan supposedly being powerful enough to suspend a ping-pong ball in mid-air. There are no reports so far of PlayStation 5s being vape lords themselves.

In the meantime, check Microsoft’s support website here for any non-vape related issues.