Work together in isolation with Soundation's new Collab Live
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Work together in isolation with Soundation’s new Collab Live

Soundation has just announced the beta for Collab Live, a new feature for their browser-based DAW that allows musicians to record, compose, and produce music together in real-time.

The DAW allows you to link up with other people and groups as long as you have an internet connection and their email address.Soundation

Soundation’s new program Collab Live now allows you to make, record and produce music in real-time together with your mates.

Collab live will auto-save and auto-sync changes as you make them and allows you to see your collaborators’ actions and movements via their cursors.

Soundation is quite an outlier on the market of DAWs. For starters, it’s usable for free and is browser-based, unlike the big names on the market (Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, etc.). And though being browser-based comes with some limitations in processing, the program allows you to write and record music via loops and a virtual keyboard with a range of pretty great virtual instruments and effects. You can even record a mic or a guitar if you own an audio interface.

For people who want to create songs or workshop ideas with their friends quickly on the fly, there’s nothing better for the price. The cheapest subscription is around $2.50, and the most expensive is $7.00 a month, giving you an unlimited number of projects.

Soundation is especially great for anyone looking to get into music production as its beginner-friendly, allows you to make music on the fly, and is now collaborative, allowing you to get your mates involved even if you can’t be in the same room with them.

For more info on Collab Live, check out the website.