How the Xbox Mini Fridge meme became reality

How the Xbox Mini Fridge meme became reality

Xbox has demonstrated their prowess for memeing, revealing an Xbox Mini Fridge that features their all-new Velocity Cooling Architecture.

When the Xbox Series X was revealed for the first time, the internet erupted with jokes likening their next-gen console to a fridge. Much banter between the company and their fanbase followed, which included them assuring their customers that the console was, in fact, smaller than the household appliance.

One would have thought this would be the end of it. A little bit of banter between the marketing team and hyped up gamers isn’t unusual, but what came next certainly was.

Shortly after the console’s announcement, the Twitter marketing team created a competition on their platform to see who had the best tweets – was it Xbox or Skittles? Once the votes started pouring in, Skittles had an undeniable lead. After all, Skittles promised to bring back their lime flavour if they won.

However, Xbox threw a Hail Mary in the final hours, stating they would manufacture and release an Xbox Mini Fridge if they won. The tides of battle quickly turned, and Xbox took the competition by a single percent.

Now after months of patient waiting, Xbox has revealed the final product. Let’s just say it’s ‘cooler’ than expected. In a glorious reveal trailer that shows snippets from upcoming titles such as Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and Fifa 2021, we discovered all the juicy details about the next-gen fridge.

The fridge features a more compact design than their competitors, however, you will still be able to house up to 10 tinnies in the internal storage. Rest assured hat you lose in terms of storage is compensated by the fridge’s performance.

Xbox is heralding this as the world’s most powerful mini fridge. Utilising their brand new ‘Velocity Cooling Architecture’, we can expect to see tins being sunk at temperatures never before seen in the gaming world.