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Young Henrys are offering up some huge prizes to celebrate the Summer of Stayer

If you’ve set foot into an Australian live music venue sometime in the last 12 months, you’re likely already familiar with Young Henrys’ mid-strength beer, the Stayer.

As the holiday warmth approaches, the Newtown-based independent brewery are declaring a Summer of Stayer, offering one-off deals, prize packages, and more.

summer of stayer young henrys
Photo: Young Henrys

It’s officially the Summer of Stayer for Young Henrys. Find out how to win a few killer prizes this summer, plus where to score some brand new merch.

The Stayer is a “mid-strength lager with full flavour, a bright golden body, super refreshing taste and a slightly bitter finish”. The perfect beer for an afternoon slow-burner, a day at the beach, or for when you have a gig in four hours and you need to take it easy.

To celebrate the drop, Young Henrys are gifting one lucky drinker and three of their mates a weekend away in a beach-side mansion. You’ll arrive to a fridge stocked with free frothies, plus a Stayer Summer prize pack to boot.

On top of the big winner, YH will be drawing weekly Stayer Summer Party Packs – “a fully-stocked, pop-up party” so you can start your own summertime session anywhere. Winners of the packs will take home a Stayer picnic blanket, umbrella, merch, and you betcha, Stayer beers.

For your chance to win, head over to Young Henrys’ Facebook or Instagram, find the announcement posts (here and here), then tag the three mates you’d be taking on your beachside getaway. Easy.

On top of it all, the easygoing mid-strength has a top-shelf line of brand new merch you can grab as of yesterday. Check that all out, plus where to find your closest stockist, right here.