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Meet Lyra: AKG’s new Ultra HD multimode USB microphone

AKG are taking their decades-long expertise in microphones into the future with their new Lyra model. It promises to provide Ultra HD sound with the ease and portability of a USB desktop microphone.

Plug it straight into your PC, Mac, iOS and Android device or use the direct in for plug-and-play performance.AKG Lyra

Lyra is AKG’s new venture into the world USB microphones. Its four-capsule design and four recording modes make it a powerful recording tool without breaking the bank.

There are a few things that separate Lyra from other USB mics on the market. Its 24-bit/192kHz recording quality, four-capsule array and four recording modes: Front, Front & Back, Tight Stereo and Wide Stereo.

These four different recording modes let you use the mic in a variety of ways. Use the Front & Back mode for an over the table podcast between two, or record a quick band demo with the Wide Stereo mode.

The headphone output offers zero-latency monitoring, and there are controls for headphone volume and gain. There is also an internal shock mount, built-in sound diffuser and a removable desktop stand. Lyra also comes with Ableton Live 10 Lite and works with all major audio and video production software.

To see more visit the AKG website.