YouPorn offers to stream Cannes Film Festival on their website

Coronavirus has postponed another festival in the form of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Yet, in an effort to soften the blow, YouPorn has offered to stream the festival on its extremely popular website to ensure the show go on.

In a statement released by the YouPorn Vice President Charlie Hughes, he suggested their globally successful website could “guarantee an impactful debut for selected films.”

YouPorn has reached out to Cannes Film Festival with an offer to stream the ceremony on its website after the festival was cancelled due to coronavirus.

It’s no secret how devastating the COVID-19 crisis continues to be, but in a time like this, it’s heartwarming to see people trying to find light amidst the darkness. It’s a noble effort from Hughes, and his offer could be a step forward in making sure that the heavily impacted performing arts industry can still exist in the digital space.

In a letter to Pierre Lescure, the head of Cannes Film Festival, Hughes explained: “At YouPorn, in the face of a pandemic, we take our role in people’s now more socially distanced lives seriously, in terms of keeping our community connected and entertained.” YouPorn saw a whopping 5 billion people visit its site in 2019.

With 2020 locked in crisis, the world is seemingly becoming more and more fragile. Hughes finished his hilarious and somewhat convincing letter with a compelling appeal: “Hope you will join us in providing top quality content on YouPorn for all those at home and in need of entertainment and relief.”

Pun not intended, or maybe it was.