Yours Truly go lo-fi with new EP

is this what i lofi? delivers a delicious and tranquil take on Yours Truly latest EP, giving us a soundtrack for those low-key days

If you are a lover of pop-punk, then you might have noticed that lately there has been lofi versions of your favourite pop-punk tracks cropping up, giving us a more chilled out vibes compared to the high energy they bring. Sydney based pop-punkers Yours Truly have jumped on the bandwagon, and have delivered a delicious and crystallised lofi version of their latest EP is this what i look like?, which they retitled, is this what i lofi?

Yours Truly
Credit: Press

With gentle beats and delicate melodic synths, this EP shares a whole new version and side of the band. The tranquility of this EP provides a perfect soundtrack for those low-key days, and has also allowed room for the band to delve into the vulnerability of the tracks, highlighting the melodic textures that you wouldn’t really focus on in their original hard driven punk version.

The band explained where the idea of is this what i lofi came from, stating: “After working on an interactive game for our EP is this what i look like? we wanted to add lofi versions of all our songs to the game as we all like to listen to chill lofi playlists while we game. After hearing the tracks we all thought “this needs to come out as a whole EP release” and that was how is this what i lofi? came to be! People can listen to the original tracks to be hyped, but if they want something a little more chill – we have these versions now.”

You can stream is this what i lofi below via Spotify.