YUNG MILLA’s ‘Land Down Under’ is a profound drop of vital, poignant musical excellence

A fresh and impactful voice is surfacing in the music scene, and we’re are so here for it.

In the ever-expansive landscape of emerging talent, a formidable voice rises above the ordinary in Australia, and it goes by the name Yung Milla.

This 20-year-old Marranungu rapper hails from the beating heart of the Top End, where his lyrics unfold a gritty narrative, offering a vivid snapshot of a reality often overlooked in the sun-soaked image of Down Under.

yung milla

Yung Milla isn’t just makingmusic waves; he’s bringing forth a revolution. His track, “Land Down Under,” isn’t just a song—it’s a pulsating anthem that captures the essence of identity and belonging. Infused with a killer guitar line and a lyrics that hit you in the chest, it’s become the soundtrack of choice at Top End gatherings.

When Yung Milla hits the stage at the Barunga Festival, flipping and spitting sharp wordplay to a crowd of 5,000. It’s more than a performance; it’s an electrifying experience that cements his ascent in the local scene. But it’s not all glitz and glamour; Yung Milla’s lyrics peel back the layers to expose the harsh realities of his community—drugs, violence, and a justice system that often falls short.

Yung Milla shares below, a recent trip to Wadeye, with his brother J-MILLA, rapper Kootsie Don, and powerhouse vocalist Radical Son. It’s a snap shot of Yung Milla’s impact on the community – and highlights the fundamenatl gift of love and nurture that he and his brother are giving to the community in a very real way.

Wadeye, with its 70% kid population among 2,500 residents, presented unique challenges, but Yung Milla embraced it. Interacting with the community, losing his hat (a signature move), and connecting with the youth through their phones— this is Yung Milla’s authenticity shining through and through.

Inspired by his brother J-MILLA, Yung Milla isn’t just a rapper; he’s an Adventure Therapist now, contributing to a center for young Aboriginal men on bail. In his own words, “Here in my land down under, it makes me want to head for the top and take my boys with me. We will always look out for each other. We tight.”

As “Land Down Under” reveals, Yung Milla’s journey isn’t just a personal one—it’s a rallying call for change, unity, and resilience. Yung Milla’s music isn’t just a soundtrack to the day; it’s a movement.

And in the cacophony of voices, his stands out—a testament to the transformative power of music and the unwavering spirit of those who dare to break free from the ordinary.

YUNG MILLA Day In The Life

yung milla

This is me and crew getting ready to go wadeye. We flew in on a charter with the other artists. I’m here with my brother J-MILLA, emerging rapper Kootsie Don and the deadly Radical Son. Man has he got a set of pipes on him. Deadly vibes this trip! The view from the plane was something else. 

yung milla

This is my brother J-MILLA and I doing soundcheck in wadeye. The kids just love us and we vibe with them all through the day and into the evening.

yung milla

These are the kids of Wadeye waiting for me and brother to hit the stage. The community has over 2500 people living there and 70% are kids. It’s crazy times there.

yung milla

This is me holding one of the kids phone to record – they love their phones. 

yung milla

This is me interacting with the crowd (the moment i lost my hat) I always lose a piece of clothing or jewellery at these shows.